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8 Benefits Of Using the MERN Stack Framework

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Why MEAN Stack is Best for Web Development? (3)

The web development industry is evolving at an ever-increasing pace. A decade ago, the only way to create a website was by using HTML and CSS.

Moreover, website development is a complex and time-consuming process. It involves many different approaches from coding, to server configuration, to deployment. But today, all these things can be done through various frameworks, including out-of-the-box features and functionalities. One of the most popular among these frameworks is MEAN Stack.

Well, you might be thinking, why MEAN Stack? To know this, read further…

MEAN Stack is a bundle of JavaScript-based technologies that allow the creation and deployment of dynamic web applications. ‘MEAN’ is an acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node. It uses JavaScript on both the front-end and a back-end which makes it extremely flexible to use with any kind of web project.

Understanding MEAN Stack Components

MongoDB: This open-source NoSQL database stores data in flexible, JSON-like documents. It provides high performance and easy scalability for web applications. Mongoose is a framework that allows working seamlessly with this database from NodeJS.

ExpressJS: This lightweight framework provides an easy-to-use interface to connect NodeJS with MongoDB. It allows you to use RESTful routes and connects HTML pages or templates directly to the data in your database.

AngularJS: This JavaScript-based front-end technology uses declarative programming to develop single-page applications (SPAs). AngularJS is a powerful tool that allows you to extend HTML vocabulary for your application.

NodeJS: This platform uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, making it lightweight and efficient. It can handle concurrent requests with high throughputs. Node comes with a rich library of various JavaScript modules and allows the use of CoffeeScript.

To get pro-level web app development solutions, you can hire MEAN stack developers.

MEAN Stack is an open-source framework that provides immense benefits for web development; it has become increasingly popular among businesses worldwide. Many big companies like Yahoo, Intuit, The New York Times, etc., are using it in their projects today. Here view the multiple benefits of using MEAN Stack for web development.

1. Faster Development

Using the MERN stack for web development lets you develop dynamic websites with less code. This is because it uses the same language on both front-end and back-end, which ensures consistency throughout your application. Moreover, due to MEAN Stack’s lightweight nature, developing small applications becomes easier than other technologies like Ruby on Rails.

2. Flexibility and Scalability

MEAN Stack is a flexible framework as it allows different technologies to perform various tasks with ease. For example, you can write RESTful APIs in NodeJS or ExpressJS that connect your application for data storage using the MongoDB database. These features make MEAN Stack an ideal choice for enterprise-level projects.

3. Performance and Security

MEAN Stack uses JavaScript on both back-ends and front-end, which ensures that the web application is fast, secure, and reliable. Moreover, NodeJS’s single-threaded model makes it extremely scalable for high-traffic websites or applications where many users can simultaneously access data through your website.

4. Highly Extensible and Maintainable

As the MEAN stack is a JavaScript-based framework, it becomes easy to write custom modules. This makes your application highly extensible as well as maintainable throughout its lifetime. Moreover, AngularJS allows you to use HTML vocabulary that improves code readability, making maintenance easier.

5. Easy Collaboration

Another benefit of using MEAN Stack for web development is that it allows multiple developers to work on the same project. This ensures easy collaboration between your team members, which helps you complete bigger projects faster within a given deadline.

6. Single Code Base Architecture

As mentioned earlier, NodeJS uses JavaScript on both back-ends and front-end; it allows you to develop a complete stack of your application using a single code base. This is beneficial for developers as they do not have to switch between different programming languages while developing an app from start to finish on the MEAN Stack framework.

7. Open-Source and Cost-Effective

MEAN Stack is completely open-source, which means it does not cost anything to download and use. Moreover, it is highly scalable, which means you can add or remove any technology from the Stack to suit your project’s requirements.

8. Improve Code Quality

The use of RESTful APIs along with Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) ensures that code quality remains high throughout development. Moreover, testing becomes easy as you write unit tests and integration tests (for RESTful APIs) to ensure that it meets the requirements.

9. Compatible with Clouds

MEAN Stack is compatible with all cloud platforms and can be hosted using different hosting providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. This guarantees that you have complete control over the hosting environment without changing your technology stack.

Download and install NodeJS. This is necessary as all other components of the MEAN stack run on it, including MongoDB database and Grunt task runner.

Install and set up a NoSQL database called MongoDB which will be used for data storage.

Download and install ExpressJS (NodeJS framework) using NPM (node package manager). This will be used for creating REST APIs in NodeJS to connect your application with the NoSQL database.

Set up Angular-CLI, an open-source command-line interface that you can use to generate different components of the MEAN stack, including the AngularJS app for your web application. You can also generate boilerplate code or test your applications using different commands.

Once you have created an application using Angular-CLI, connect it to the MongoDB database. This is necessary as REST APIs are written for your web applications that require data from a NoSQL database like MongoDB.

Here are some of the most popular organizations that use MEAN Stack for web development:

Accenture: Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company. It uses MEAN Stack to develop its public-facing website for communication with customers.

Sisense: Sisense provides business intelligence solutions for complex data. It uses MEAN Stack to build its enterprise-level BI platform that allows you to analyze and visualize your company’s data in real-time.

Vungle: Vungle provides a platform for mobile video advertising that helps developers monetize their apps. It uses MEAN Stack to develop its client-facing website, where it showcases all the products and services offered by Vungle.

Fiverr: It is a global online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell services. It uses MEAN Stack for its client-facing website, which helps sellers connect with buyers worldwide.

Here I have stated the disadvantages of using MEAN Stack:

Possibility of Losing Records

MEAN Stack is a NoSQL database which means it does not support ACID transactions. This could result in data loss if your application becomes unstable while processing multiple requests.

Lack of Widespread Support

MEAN Stack is not a mature technology yet. Only limited developers have experience in this framework, which means you might face difficulties when looking for support from experts living outside your area or country.

Poor Performance on Mobile Devices

One of the main disadvantages of using MEAN Stack is that it does not perform well on mobile devices due to the absence of native mobile applications for AngularJS. This could be a major drawback as more and more users access the web through their smartphones nowadays.

Security Issues

Although security is a major concern among all web developers, MEAN Stack does not follow the OWASP top ten list of vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to ensure complete application protection from hackers and unauthorized users.

As mentioned before, MEAN Stack has become popular over the last few years due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of use. The ability to choose the right set of technologies for your project while using a single code base makes it ideal for web development projects requiring high scalability, maintainability, and quick delivery without compromising quality.

If you want to hire MEAN stack developers in developing web applications with the MEAN Stack framework or other related technologies, get in touch with us today.

MEAN Stack is a web development framework that can help you build high-quality, scalable, and secure applications. It’s the perfect solution if your business needs to increase without sacrificing web app performance or security.

Moreover, if you want the perfect website development solutions matching all your business needs, hire MEAN Stack developers in India from the best MEAN Stack development services company.

ValueCoders will be happy to provide an intro consultation so that our team of experts can recommend what will work best for your goals!

What is the key difference between Full Stack and MEAN?

The key differences include:

  • Multiple languages are involved in full-stack compared to MEAN as it just utilizes Javascript.
  • In terms of performance, MEAN works better than the Full Stack framework since it utilizes JavaScript (JS) on both ends (front-end and back-ending).
  • Moreover, Full-stack is better for websites with average traffic.

What are the main features of MEAN Stack?

  • Scalable & customizable with single language development — JavaScript.
  • Large modules library
  • Global community support
  • Cost-effective, large storage data in JSON format
  • Robust & maintainable solutions

Which is the best company to hire MEAN Stack developers?

The best organization to hire MEAN Stack developers are:

-Hidden Brains



Which is better, MEAN or MERN?

Both MEAN and MERN are open-source JavaScript frameworks that use the same technologies. However, some key differences between them make both of these suitable for different purposes.

MEAN Stack is ideal for web development projects where you need to develop dynamic websites with simple functionality. At the same time, MERN suits well for enterprise-level applications where your target audience is high profile.


Why should you choose MEAN stack for web development project? ›

Mean stack application development is known for its high speed and reusability. Furthermore, it allows developers to reuse code and components across different projects. Additionally, It is a great option for businesses looking to design scalable and responsive web applications.

Which stack is best for web development? ›

The 7 Best Web Development Stacks to Use in 2022
  1. The MERN Stack. The MERN stack is one of the most popular stacks currently used in web development. ...
  2. The MEAN Stack. ...
  3. The MEVN Stack. ...
  4. The Serverless Stack. ...
  5. The LAMP Stack. ...
  6. The PERN Stack. ...
  7. The Ruby on Rails Stack.
Jan 13, 2023

Is MEAN stack used for web development? ›

The MEAN stack is a JavaScript-based framework for developing web applications. MEAN is named after MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node, the four key technologies that make up the layers of the stack.

What are the advantages of MEAN stack development? ›

One major advantage of MEAN stack development is that it uses JavaScript for both the front-end and back-end web applications. This makes development more efficient and modern. In the traditional LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), different languages are used for the front-end and back-end.

Why do you choose MEAN stack? ›

Due to its effective user management and scalability, many developers bank on it for particularly cloud-native app development. As you already know, MEAN stack is the preferred choice for many developers to build Single Page Applications (SPAs) with AngularJS and real-time applications with Node.

What is the importance of MEAN stack? ›

The MEAN stack enables development of UI (user interface) that offers a user-friendly experience. It supports the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture to generate native-type web applications. It uses Node.

Which is better mean stack or full stack? ›

MEAN stack is faster to build than Full Stack because it focuses more on its specific use case. Full stack is slower to build than MEAN Stack because it focuses less on its specific use case. MEAN stack is Open Source. Full Stack is not Open Source.

What is the fastest stack for web development? ›

Top 7 Tech Stacks That Reign Software Development in 2023
  • MEAN Stack.
  • MERN Stack.
  • MEVN Stack.
  • LAMP Stack.
  • Serverless Stack.
  • Flutter for Web.
  • Ruby on Rails.

Is mean stack still popular? ›

MEAN stack is still a popular development stack for building software applications, including single and multi-page web applications. It is a JavaScript stack popular among the full-stack developer community for its high development speed and lower development cost.

Should I learn MERN or MEAN stack? ›

MEAN is more popular for enterprise-level architecture, while MERN is more popular for smaller applications. That said, the ideal choice of tech stack to use in your business depends on several factors, including the complexity and timeline of your project.

Is MERN stack best for web development? ›

MERN is a well-liked JavaScript stack that is applied during the development process. The MERN Stack combines the most recent technologies for building high-end web apps. Multiple frameworks, databases, libraries, and other tools are used to create these apps.

Is MEAN stack worth learning? ›

It is preferred for small-to-medium-scale projects. It extends over a full development cycle, from the client side to the server side. However, the MEAN stack is ideal for powerful front-end development, preferably for enterprises that require single-page applications but with a dynamic user interface.

What is the future scope of MEAN stack developer? ›

What is the Future of Mean stack Developer? Being, a Mean stack developer is highly desirable, challenging vocation. So, if you are ready to work on the diverse skill set and have the experience of working with various code languages and application, then you will become successful MEAN stack developer.

Is MEAN stack good for beginners? ›

MEAN stack is an open source software package and easy to learn. You can call yourself a full stack web developer if you master JavaScript, and by extension work with MEAN stack.

What is the limitation of MEAN stack? ›

Disadvantages of MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack is not a feasible option for large-scale applications. During heavy load scenarios, there may occur a potential loss of records written by MongoDB. There are no particularly established JavaScript guidelines for coding.

Why is mean better than mode? ›

However, in this situation, the mean is widely preferred as the best measure of central tendency because it is the measure that includes all the values in the data set for its calculation, and any change in any of the scores will affect the value of the mean. This is not the case with the median or mode.

Why is it better to use mean than median? ›

The mean is typically better when the data follow a symmetric distribution. When the data are skewed, the median is more useful because the mean will be distorted by outliers.”

Is MEAN stack development in demand? ›

Front-end & Back-end Technology

Due to their ability to build complete web applications, full stack developers are in high demand. They are well-versed in front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and back-end technologies like PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Node. js.

What is the requirement for MEAN stack? ›

Skills Of A MEAN Stack Developer
  • Basic understanding of server-side requirements and processes.
  • In-depth knowledge of client-side requirements and processes.
  • Knowledge of workflow and architecture.
  • Understanding of MongoDB, Express. ...
  • Extensive knowledge of cloud technology, continuous integration and web development.
Mar 15, 2023

Which stack should I choose? ›

Your choice of tech stack should be guided by your software architecture. Based on this, you should consider technologies that enable both static and dynamic component configurations. It makes the performance of the application seamless, even when users increase or you add more engaging features.

Is MEAN stack developer better than UI developer? ›

A full-stack web developer tends to have the skills of a front-end developer and more and is considered more advanced than the UI experts. A web developer can operate without a User Interface developer, unlike a UI developer who can't work alone.

How much time does it take to learn MEAN stack? ›

MERN can take a few months to learn, even for dedicated JavaScript programmers with great coding experience. Students hoping to learn MERN will also need to become proficient in JavaScript, which requires HTML and CSS training. The more skills a student needs to learn, the more time their training will take.

What is the easiest front-end stack? ›

There are numerous top frontend frameworks available, including Angular, React, Vue, Preact, Ember, and others. But, of all the frameworks available, Vue is the simplest and easiest to use. In addition, Vue's front end frameworks popularity is on the top right now. Vue is an easiest front end framework.

What tech stack does Google use for web development? ›

What tech stack does Google use? Some technologies and languages Google uses are Python, Java, Android SDK, Go, C++, Preact, Angular JS, Kubernetes, TensorFlow, and a host of other Google frameworks.

Which web framework is faster? ›

1. Ruby on Rails. A dynamic web application framework written by David Heinemeier Hansson, Ruby on Rails is perfect for developing high-speed applications. Applications built using this framework are usually 10 times faster than a typical Java framework.

What is the salary of MEAN stack developer? ›

Mean Stack Developer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.8 Lakhs to ₹ 10.1 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.0 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 2.4k latest salaries received from Mean Stack Developers.

What is the easiest tech stack to learn? ›

One of the most popular and easiest examples of a technology stack is the MEAN stack. MEAN stands for MongoDB-Express-Angular-Node. js.

Why is MERN stack so hard? ›

With the MERN stack, it is difficult to build enterprise-level projects. This is because the MERN stack depends solely on JSX to write HTML code in React. Hire MEAN stack developers if you want to build enterprise-level projects.

Why is MERN stack so popular? ›

MERN stack is very popular for creating different projects as it provides -quick scalability and helps work within tight deadlines. React makes it easy to build great front-end interfaces and the technology promotes the reusability of code and components.

Why MERN is better than MEAN stack? ›

1. MEAN vs MERN Stack Learning Curve. MEAN stack uses AngularJS as its front-end framework, which has a steeper learning curve compared to ReactJS, used by the MERN stack. AngularJS can be more challenging to work with for larger projects since it has a lot of built-in features and can be more complex to configure.

What is the salary of MERN full-stack developer? ›

The national average salary for a MERN Stack Developer is ₹4,20,786 in India.

Are MERN developers in demand? ›

If you're looking to transition into web development, the MERN stack is a great place to start. It's modern, in-demand, and there are great communities for all the individual technologies included in it—MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.

Is MERN stack enough for full-stack developer? ›

Developers can use the MERN stack to work in a full-stack development environment. In other words, they get everything they need to build full-scalable apps, including the latest frontend development tools and technologies, right in the stack.

Which is better Django or MEAN stack? ›

Conclusion (MERN Stack vs. Django) Django is the way to go if you want to quickly and easily build a beautiful website. Django is, in my opinion, the best web framework for use with applications like blogs, newsletters, and others.

What is the highest salary of MEAN stack developer? ›

Find out what the average Mean Stack Developer salary is

The average mean stack developer salary in India is ₹ 1,088,000 per year or ₹ 436 per hour. Entry-level positions start at ₹ 600,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to ₹ 1,855,000 per year.

How much do full-stack web developers make in the US per month? ›

The average annual salary for a full stack web developer in the United States is $106,148 though it varies in different regions.

What are the two limitations of use of mean? ›

DISADVANTAGES. The important disadvantage of mean is that it is sensitive to extreme values/outliers, especially when the sample size is small.[7] Therefore, it is not an appropriate measure of central tendency for skewed distribution.[8] Mean cannot be calculated for nominal or nonnominal ordinal data.

What is MEAN stack methodology? ›

The Mean Stack is a full-stack software development approach that uses JavaScript to create an application's front and back end. Mean a Stack is an approach to building software that consists of the building of all the front-end code and the back-end code together. It uses a JavaScript stack where it combines Node.

Is MEAN stack and full stack same? ›

Full-stack mainly refers to the developer, whereas MEAN stack is an acronym for a full-stack framework. Both of them are widely popular. And the demand for full stack developers is very high.

When would MERN stack be a good option for web development? ›

The MERN Stack development offers several advantages for building web applications, including high performance, scalability, flexibility, community support, cost-effectiveness, and ease of learning. These factors make it an excellent choice for developers looking to build modern and efficient web applications in 2023.

Which is better MEAN stack or full stack? ›

MEAN stack is faster to build than Full Stack because it focuses more on its specific use case. Full stack is slower to build than MEAN Stack because it focuses less on its specific use case. MEAN stack is Open Source. Full Stack is not Open Source.

Is MERN stack enough for full stack developer? ›

The most significant advantage of learning the MERN stack is that it allows you to do full stack web development projects without combining multiple programming languages. Since MongoDB, Express. js, React, and Node.

Which is better MEAN stack developer or full stack developer? ›

While MEAN stack developers have a better grip on JavaScript related projects, full-stack developers have more knowledge. As a result, companies benefit from hiring both of them. MEAN stack is a branch of full-stack.

Is it worth learning MEAN stack? ›

It is preferred for small-to-medium-scale projects. It extends over a full development cycle, from the client side to the server side. However, the MEAN stack is ideal for powerful front-end development, preferably for enterprises that require single-page applications but with a dynamic user interface.

What is the main difference between MERN and MEAN stacks? ›

Mean stack uses AngularJS (backed by Google Inc.) while Mern stack has the ReactJS library (a Facebook product) as one of its components. The use of JavaScript as the primary programming language eliminates the need for code-switching and empowers novice developers to make their ideas tangible.

Which web tech stack is easiest? ›

If you're new to web development, the MEAN or MERN stack are good starting points. These stacks are relatively easy to learn, and they use a single programming language (JavaScript) which makes things simpler.

What tech stack is needed for front-end developer? ›

To develop the front end, developers use a combination of loosely termed tools as the frontend tech stack. Here are some commonly used stacks for front end development: HTML - instructs the browser on how to display the underlying content. It forms the basic building block of a website.


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